July Business of the Month 2018

Primerica - Neil Tabot


The goal of Primerica is to create more financially independent families.  They help people learn how to make their money work for them using simple financial concepts. The wealthy have used these principles for decades to achieve success, yet these concepts aren’t taught in schools. Primerica bridges that education gap, empowering the families they serve to make better financial choices and to use the products and services they offer to reach their goals.  


Primerica's familiar face in our chamber is formerly a retired New York City school teacher.  Through his ambition to teach, he found another vehicle he could use to continue teaching, joining the business in November of 1997.  This time, he would teach “How Money Works” aiding individuals to earn extra income, become properly protected, debt free and financially independent.  He is a great team player, has a high level of integrity, a huge heart, is always willing to help with no expectations of any kind, and a friend anyone would like to have.


Please join us in congratulating our July Business of the Month, Primerica - Neil Tabot.


2018 Business of the Month Winners

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Nonprofit of the Quarter - 2nd Quarter

NPOQ2 Winner - GB Historical Society
Gulf Breeze Area Historical Society

The Gulf Breeze Area Historical Society's purpose is to collect, preserve and display historical facts, papers and artifacts pertaining to the greater Gulf Breeze Area in an effort to inspire local citizens to become educated and interested in their historical heritage, while passing the knowledge of earlier generations through research, special exhibits, and informational programs. 


Their main focus for this past year has been honoring the will of two of our city founders, Mark X. & E. Louise Benson, by restoring and preserving the residence that they donated to the Society, in order to become the “Benson House Museum”. They are currently conducting a “Membership Drive” that will help raise funds for this project.

Please join us in congratulating our Nonprofit of the Quarter for the 2nd Quarter 2018, Gulf Breeze Area Historical Society

2018 Nonprofit of the Quarter Winners

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